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– “What kind of computer system must I have to run Medicom

– Click here to download our 'Computer Checker.'  This utility will tell you what resources are available on your system.  Compare them to the requirements listing below to determine if you have the minimum requirements to run the Medicom software.

The Minimum System Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Medicom are as follows:  

  • CPU - Pentium II/166MHz or faster (It will run on a slower PC but the performance will suffer.  As with almost any computer program, the faster the processor, the faster the program will run.

  • Memory – While Medicom will operate with 32MB RAM, Wybtrak recommends 64MB, or more, of RAM to increase performance.

  • Operating System - Windows 95, Release 2 (sometime referred to as OSR2) – Windows 98 - Windows 98, 2nd Edition - Windows ME - Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 4/service pack 6a or higher (make sure worded right) (service packs 5 and 6 are not recommended) - Windows 2000.

  • Disk space - The Fax Manager needs 1MB for initial installation.  Medicom will require 15MB for the initial installation (the Client program needs 8 MB to install, the database needs 6MB to install).  Actual data storage needs will increase depending upon the number of forms installed and the amount of user data stored.   A minimum of 50MB of disk space is recommended to start. Anecdotal information indicates that as much as 1GB of disk space can be used for large, multi-user, multi-provider installations.

  • Modem - A data/fax modem – this modem must be capable of sending faxes and connecting to the Internet as a data modem).  If your office has other means of Internet connection, then the telephone line need only be used as a fax line.

  • CD drive - Needed for initial installation and possibly for installing program and/or form updates.

  • Display & Video Card - A monitor capable of 640x480 resolution with 256 colors (800x600 [True Color] is recommended).

  • Also, a video card capable of producing 640x480 resolution with 256 colors is also required, (800x600 [True Color] is recommended).

  • Pointing device - Any Windows-supported pointing device (Mouse, touchpad, rollerball, etc.).

  • Printer - Any Windows-supported printer capable of printing high or just “quality output” quality output.  Please note that the laser printers typically require more than the default memory that comes with them.

    For example, the typical laser printer comes from the factory with 2 to 4MB of RAM installed.  Wybtrak has found that at least 12MB of printer memory is required to print forms successfully.

  • Scanner - A TWAIN-compatible scanner is required to scan images for attachment to requests.  Keep in mind that better quality scanners generally will work faster (depending upon the interface) and produce more acceptable scans. 

    In order to scan in Provider signatures, the scanning software that comes with the chosen scanner must be capable of saving the images as either .BMP, .JPEG, .TIF or .GIF image files.

    NOTE: Even though they work, Wybtrak does not recommend parallel port scanners because they slow down productivity too much.

  • Internet access - Wybtrak strongly recommends that users have an internet access and an email account so that they can be notified via email of updates, etc., and so that the user can download program updates and forms.

    Wybtrak can provide these updates via CD media, but an extra fee for shipping and handling is required.

  • Telephone Line - A separate telephone/fax line to be used exclusively by the Medicom Fax Manager system is essential.  This telephone line will be used only for outgoing faxes.

  • Backup - Wybtrak also recommends a reliable mechanism for backing up the Medicom data (other than onto floppy disks).  A tape drive, removable hard drive, or CD writer with suitable backup software is recommended.  Wybtrak also recommends that appropriate procedures be in place to assure quality, routine backups.

  • Networking - If your office is networked with a server that is backed up regularly and reliably, the database can be installed to that server so that it will be backed up with the rest of the server.

– "How much time can I expect to save by using your Medicom software?"

– The exact amount of time will vary with the operating policies of each practice.  However, you can get an estimate of the amount of time that will be required by using our ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator.  This will give you a good approximation of the amount of time and expense that currently goes into your Prior Authorization/Referral operation, and a good estimate of how much time you can save by using Medicom.  Please note that none of the information you enter the calculator will be saved or transmitted to Wybtrak without your explicit prior approval.    Link to ROI Calculator coming soon...   

– "What does the Medicom software system cost?"

– There are numerous configurations that affect the cost of Medicom.  There are the Standalone, "Networkable", and Client/Server versions.  Both the "Networkable," and the Client/Server versions can have multiple seats (the number of separate workstations that can run the Medicom program).  Plus there are the licensed number of providers and forms that may be entered into the system.

Medicom was designed to be flexible – to meet your needs.  With so many variables, we could not post a single price for everyone, because everyone's needs are different.  Please contact us so we can help you determine which version and configuration of Medicom you need, and we'll be happy to work up a quote for you.  

– "Which forms are available for Medicom?"

– Wybtrak has an ever-growing number of forms for Medicom.  In addition, Wybtrak has the capability to build any form that is acceptable to the sender and the receiver.  

– "Do all payors accept the Medicom forms?"

– First of all, they are not Medicom forms.  They are the payor's own forms.  The only difference is that they are reproduced electronically by the Medicom software.  In fact, we have found that the forms produced and submitted by Wybtrak's Medicom are many times processed sooner because they are more accurate and entirely legible because they are computer-generated.

It is dependent upon the contract or arrangement your practice has with the payor that determines whether a particular form will be accepted.  There is no difference between the manually filled-out and manually faxed form that you are using now and the ones submitted by Medicom.  

– "If I can't figure out how to do something with Medicom, do you provide technical support?"

– Wybtrak provides technical support for its products.  Our hours of operation are 8am until 5pm Pacific Time.  We are closed on weekends and holidays to be with our families.  

– "How difficult is it to install Medicom"

– As long as your system meets the requirements and minimum specifications, installation is quite simple.  Installation is simply a matter of inserting the CD and following the instructions of the Installation Wizard.

  Should you encounter any kind of problem during the installation, gather as much information as you can (PC type, processor/speed, memory, hard drive size and free space, network information, and operating system version – if you don't know these things, contact your computer support person), then call us.  We will be happy to help you.  

– "I have a practice management system that contains all my patient information.  Why do I have to re-type that information into Medicom?"

– You don't!  Medicom has the ability to receive information from almost any practice management system.  As long as the practice management software manufacturer allows information to be passed to Medicom, Medicom can receive it and automatically enter the patient information for you.  If you have any questions as to whether your practice management system talks to other systems, contact the practice management software manufacturer and ask them.  If it were one that we do not yet have an interface for, we would be most happy to speak with them about creating one for you.  

For more information, please contact us.