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The Proof

Dramatically improving the efficiency and economics of the credentialing enrollment process for healthcare providers is an objective shared by providers and Wybtrak.

The following user vignette highlights just some of the benefits associated with Wybtrak's Credentialing Solution. 

Client Profile:

Private physician practice, 23 physicians, 35 credentialing applications including multiple hospital and payor contracts, one full-time specialist dedicated exclusively to managing the credentialing enrollment process, licensing, CME tracking, and hospital privileging.

The Problem:

Prior to installation, the Credentialing Specialist was overwhelmed by the management of the credentialing process (tracking CMEs, license expirations and completing credentialing/

re-credentialing applications for Medicare, Medicaid, managed care firms, hospital privileges, etc.).  Deadlines and billing opportunities were missed.  The specialist had no time for additional duties.

The Solution:

The practice installed Wybtrak's credentialing software and populated it with data specific to the practice's operations.  Since completing the installation and populating the associated database, the Credentialing Specialist has been able to manage the entire process, pro-actively, in less than 10% of the time it previously required.  (After the original installation, the practice added 12 additional providers and over 30 payor contracts.  The specialist still manages the credentialing process in less than 10% of the time it previously required.) 

The reporting tools included with the software program allow everyone in the practice to be well informed about the key elements of maintaining provider credentials. At any point in time, reports can be generated from the practice's own PC that identify the credentialing status of each physician for each application, the expiration dates of licenses, privileges and CMEs, and more.  The credentialing function is now manageable and the Credentialing Specialist can contribute in other ways that enhance the practice's business.

The dramatic improvement in productivity achieved by this practice is commonplace for the many organizations (representing thousands of physicians and healthcare providers) utilizing Wybtrak software. 

Wybtrak's Credentialing Solution approaches the provider credentialing needs more effectively than other approaches.  The software and service empowers organizations with a database they own and the ability to populate the unique credentialing applications required by each credentialing entity.  This approach overcomes the challenges that have heretofore stymied the deployment of a universally acceptable, cost-effective credentialing solution.

The total cost of credentialing for physicians, residents and other providers is an acute, ubiquitous problem.  By deploying Wybtrak's Credentialing Solution in your organization, you can solve the credentialing enrollment problem now.

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