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“I need to have the providers review and update their individual information for credentialing.  Can I print the contents of the database for just one provider AND for all providers?”

– Yes, you can!  In the Data Entry screen click on the [Administration] menu option.  Then select the [Print Entire Contents of Database] option.  This will print all the information about all the providers.

“One of our providers is retiring and a new physician is joining us.  Do I need to purchase another provider license for the new provider?”

– No.  Since one of your existing providers is leaving, you can reallocate that license to the new provider by deleting the retiring physician from the database and adding the new provider.  Before you delete the departing physician information, simply export and save the data if it may be needed again.

  “We have a stand-alone version of the Credentialing software. Can we upgrade this version to support multiple users?”

– Yes!  A server software version will allow multiple users to access the database simultaneously.  The upgrade is quite simple and your data can be easily moved to the new version. 

“What minimum printer requirements are necessary to print the very best output?”

– To obtain the very best output from your printer:

  1. Install the latest printer drivers on your PC for the printer being used;

  2. Set the printer resolution no higher than 300 dpi (dots per inch), lower if necessary;

  3. Have “page protect” turned “off” (you can find this under printer properties);

  4. Have at least 12 MB of printer memory installed;

  5. Make certain the amount of printer memory that is selected under printer properties matches the amount of memory that is actually installed in the printer;

  6. Select raster versus vector graphics in the printer properties.

“Can I scan a provider license into the Credentialing Software system?"

– Yes! Quite easily.  You can use the scanning software you are already familiar with to scan the image.  Pasting it into the image viewer makes it part of the provider's record, and it can be printed with every credentialing application. 

"What kind of computer system must I have to run Wybtrak's Credentialing Solution?"

Click here to download our 'Computer Checker.'  This utility will tell you what resources are available on your system.  Compare them to the requirements listing below to determine if you have the minimum requirements to run the Credentialing software.

The Minimum System Requirements necessary to successfully install and operate Wybtrak's Credentialing Solution are:

  • Processor - Pentium II/100 Processor or equivalent (a Pentium II/450 or faster is recommended).

  • Operating Systems - Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT.

  • Hard Disk Space - Minimum of 10 MB for basic program (plus an additional 1 MB each for every additional credentialing form).  Storage requirements increase with the addition of provider information.

  • Memory - 32 MB RAM (64 MB or higher is recommended).

  • Electrical Power - Sufficient and clean to operate the PC (a battery backup, or UPS system is highly recommended) and its peripherals.

  • Display - capable of displaying 800x600 resolution with 256 colors (1024x768 resolution with True Color [16 million colors] is recommended).

  • CD drive - for initial software installation.

  • Internet Access – Essential for downloading forms and program updates.  An email account is necessary for you to receive timely notification of new forms and program updates.

  • Printer Memory – Laser printers should have 12MB minimum to print forms (specific printer settings may affect this requirement).  Ink jet printers are recommended only for extremely low volume offices.

There may be other requirements depending upon the specific configuration and setup of your PC.  If you have questions, please contact Wybtrak.


  • Scanner - a scanner capable of up to 300 DPI in grayscale or color, and able to save scans as one of the following file types: CGM, BMP, TIF, GIF, JPG, PCX, WMF, DRW, PIC, SLD, PCT, MAC, or EPS.

  • Networking - If your Credentialing Solution is operating across a network, proper installation and operation of the network is necessary for the correct operation of your Credentialing Solution.  Please contact Wybtrak for more details.

  • Backup - Wybtrak also recommends a reliable mechanism for backing up the Credentialing data (other than onto floppy disks).  A tape drive, removable hard drive, or CD writer with suitable backup software is recommended.  Wybtrak also recommends that appropriate procedures be in place to assure quality, routine backups.

For more information, please contact us.




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